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About Us

OPIKA is a restaurant-cum-retail environment that promotes healthy sustainable living and eating standards. Pika means Express in Finnish, hence the creation of Opika Organic, meaning Organic Express, is synonymous with the supply of quality and affordable ORGANIC food and products.

The new Nordic food movement promotes agricultural and food produce quality of the Nordic territory, as well as the special conditions for food production inherent in the Nordic climate and landscape. The new Nordic food movement is also a gentle reminder of the importance of supporting regional agriculture and local farmers. And we believe that part of this initiative should start from the food industry.

At OPIKA, the point isn’t to use the same ingredients people use in the Scandinavian region, but to employ the cooking methods of the Nordics, and to express the purity, freshness, simplicity and ethics of the food that we associate with our own region.

We embody this belief with our food served at our restaurant using cooking methods like slow-cooking, raw vegetables tossed with anti-oxidant rich oils and other ingredients without losing the taste and quality that makes eating healthy delectable.

The food and products that we carry at our market are carefully sourced with the knowledge of understanding its source, background of the producer, individual country’s organic standards as well as the process of producing the product. Therefore, at the OPIKA market, you are rest assured of the quality and standards shown on each product label.


Our Passion

Our understanding of the importance of a sustainable lifestyle.

Our respect for natural and use of natural resources.

Our concern for animal welfare and ethics

Our emphasis on resource efficiency

Our focus on using organically or naturally grown ingredients.



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