Berry picking in Finland Colours of Quinoa

The seed of all seeds

In the 2006 movie Apocolypto, did you notice how the Mayans could run without much food needed?  Yes its just a movie but it does reflect the true fitness of […]

blueberry 12

The right berries

Everyone raves about the benefits of consuming berries for its anti-inflamatory benefits, particularly blueberries, often known as the antioxidant super fruit due to its high concentration of antioxidants. They are a rich source […]

quinoa plant

2013 is International Year of Quinoa

At OPIKA, we are always querying the origins of any food that we carry in our market and restaurant. Today, we are investigating the origins of Quinoa, a “superfood” of […]

weighed before blast freezing

Ocean to Plate – Opika Green Seafoods

Wild and Pristine Ocean The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean and is packed with 8 million miles of pristine ocean that stretches over almost 20% of the globe’s […]


Supporting Local Organic Farmers

At Opika, we know our farmers personally and have built a relationship with the best organic farmers across the globe. “Husmanskost” as they say in Scandinavia, which is basically farmers’s food, usually prepared simply yet flavorful is the result of working with amazing produce. With our Malaysian touch, we have put some creativity in enhancing the unique taste that our Opika Restaurant has to offer.

Meet Mr. Wong of DQ Chicken Farm – mastered farming methods of producing Omega 6:3 = 4:1 ratio free range chickens. You are rest assured that Opika’s chicken dishes are not only delectable but safe and healthy to eat.