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  1. Opika Celebrated Christmas with Year-End Sale

    Posted on 28-12-2012

    15th – 25th December 2012 Christmas season was busy but it was a very happy time for us at Opika. We had the opportunity to use our creativity to help our customers come out with great hamper ideas. Leveraging on our Year-End Sale, the customers went away with the best bargain and the loveliest gift […]

  2. ‘Think Out of the Shell’ Pastry Competition

    Posted on 31-10-2012

    30th October 2012 Competitions are important to Opika because they help to raise the standards of our culinary quality. When our staffs have to put their skills and knowledge to test in a competitive platform, they become more creative and hone their craft better. In October, our resident chef, Mrs. Goemann responded to such a […]

  3. World Heart Day – Heart-Healthy Meals at Opika

    Posted on 30-09-2012

    29th September 2012  A healthy heart is essential for a healthy life! Therefore, on World Heart Day which was observed on 29th September each year, Opika offered our customers a good range of heart-healthy meals at 30% discount. Most customers are still thrilled by how easy it is to prepare a heart-healthy meal. They especially […]

  4. 1st Storewide Sale and ‘Meet-the-Experts’ Session

    Posted on 15-08-2012

    9th – 12th August 2012 For four exciting days in August, our customers flocked to our first Storewide Sale Event. Apart from shopping they got to meet our invited experts at ‘Meet-the-Experts’ session. Mr. Ivan Ho, a nutritionist and organic farmer, thrilled the crowd with his testimony of failures and triumphs in organic farming. Mr. […]

  5. International Children’s Day – Children are Special at Opika

    Posted on 5-06-2012

    1st – 3rd June 2012 We are so glad to have families with children visiting us at Opika all the time. On this special occasion of celebrating the International Children’s Day, we slashed 50% off all foods consumed by children ages below 12. We always believe that it’s good to inculcate healthy eating habit since […]

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