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Making The Right Choices

купить Гиблый Кувандык The worldwide organic certification label tells you that the food and products carried at the OPIKA market has been certified organic. Our search for quality organics is a never ending process involving the careful judgement of buyers around the world.


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Source of Products - Ocean to Plate

Yellowfin-pg-14-two_edited-1 go to link The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean and is packed with 8 million miles of pristine ocean that stretches over almost 20% of the globe’s surface. When one sails into her midst, the silent beauty above hides a most wonderful and rich source of wild seafood below. For thousands of years, only the bravest of fishermen dared to venture and reap this aquatic harvest. Today, even with better ships and maritime technology, fishing in this deep ocean is still a matter of skills and courage.

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