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Seafood - Coastal fishing


The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean and is packed with 8 million miles of pristine ocean that stretches over almost 20% of the globe’s surface. When one sails into her midst, the silent beauty above hides a most wonderful and rich source of wild seafood below. For thousands of years, only the bravest of fishermen dared to venture and reap this aquatic harvest. Today, even with better ships and maritime technology, fishing in this deep ocean is still a matter of skills and courage.

Opika has the privilege of engaging the services of the brave fishermen of Acheh who fish from the Andaman Sea right to the middle of the ocean. Avoiding polluted areas like high sea traffic lanes, these experienced seafarers choose the most pristine fishing grounds to bring in some of the best quality seafood of the region. No inferior seafood for these folks. All their selected catch must be of top quality because they take pride in their prize and sing praises about it for generations.

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