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1st Storewide Sale and ‘Meet-the-Experts’ Session

9th – 12th August 2012

For four exciting days in August, our customers flocked to our first Storewide Sale Event. Apart from shopping they got to meet our invited experts at ‘Meet-the-Experts’ session. Mr. Ivan Ho, a nutritionist and organic farmer, thrilled the crowd with his testimony of failures and triumphs in organic farming. Mr. Wong, the founder and owner of DQ Chicken was most eloquent in his presentation. He elaborated on how he raised his free-range and stress-free chicken so that they have the perfect ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 9 in their meat. Mr. Lee from Cameron Highlands Organic Produce spent time to explain about the different organic farming methods utilised in most local organic farms.

Added to all these highlights was a cooking demonstration by Chef Ryan Khang. He meticulously delineated the appropriate ways of using various cooking oils in organic cooking. Our happy customers did not just go home with a wealth of interesting knowledge but they brought home lots of organic products that were discounted up to 70%. The next Storewide Sale will be held middle of this year. Sign up as a member of Opika and receive the latest information of all the best offers!


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