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Cooking Workshop with Spargo Mill

Cooking Workshop with Spargo Mill

May 2013

Together with Spargo Mill, a local gourmet pre mix producer, we organized a cooking workshop for our members on 3rd of May 2013. Chef Junaina shared three delicious and well loved Malaysian dishes using Spargo Mill’s Premium Pre Mixes with Opika’s members. For three hours, Opika’s members learned and sampled Deviled Free Range Chicken Curry, and Assam Pedas Tuna Fish and Jain Curry Rice. They also enjoyed roselle on crackers, roselle yogurt, roselle cheese tarts as well as roselle juice prepared by Roselle Farm.

The cooking doesn’t stop here. Our member get to bring home organic and natural goodies worth RM50.00 to be tried in their own kitchen!

Spargo Mill’s products are made with 100% natural premium ingredients with no MSG, no preservatives artificial colouring. Another quality product made by Malaysian for Malaysians.


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