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World Heart Day – Heart-Healthy Meals at Opika

29th September 2012

 A healthy heart is essential for a healthy life! Therefore, on World Heart Day which was observed on 29th September each year, Opika offered our customers a good range of heart-healthy meals at 30% discount. Most customers are still thrilled by how easy it is to prepare a heart-healthy meal. They especially love our 8-Treasure Fish Porridge which is a dish that they cannot find elsewhere.

With eight types of nutrient-packed grains ranging from tri-colour quinoa, oats, millets to red rice and brown rice, we use the slow-cook method to boil these grains in a rich nutritious broth made with wild-caught salmons. The slow heat prevented the loss of key nutrients in this porridge. When it was served piping hot, the appetising aroma got all the patrons’ mouths watering.

What better food than this? It is healthy for your heart, delicious to eat and absolutely affordable. That’s what Opika is all about – good food, good taste and good price!



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