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  • Opika Linden Honey

    WHEN YOU COME ACROSS BASSWOOD OR LIME HONEY, you are actually looking at linden honey. Opika Russian Wild Linden Honey is produced by unique Russian bees that gather nectar from thousands of wild Linden trees growing in relatively undisturbed snow forests. A forest full of Linden trees tend to attract thousands of bees because of the Linden tree’s strong nectar flows.The wild Linden honey has white to light cream colour and its unique aroma is described as balsamic, minty, mentholated, and camphoric. This honey is of low acidity and slightly astringent. The taste is that of medium sweetness with a light dash of lingering bitter flavour.Since antiquity, there were folk remedies that emphasized on the effectiveness of Linden honey in treating colds and fevers. It was also traditionally used to soothe sore throat, rhinitis and laryngitis.The same folk remedies claimed that Linden honey, when applied externally, would help in the healing of small wounds, burns, sores and even eczema.

    Opika MultiFloral Honey

    THE RUSSIAN FAR EAST HAS A DIVERSITY OF TERRAINS where nectar yielding plants  blossoming across the meadows. The many species of Russian unique flora that grows in close proximity to each other, provides the honey bees with a wide choice of nectar. The honey that they produce cannot be traced to any particular plant nectar and thus it is known as multi-floral honey. In spite of the wide possibility of floral combinations, the multi-floral honey of the Primorsky Krai remains consistent in taste and quality. It’s specific flavour and aroma are specified by the same floral combination that blossoms year after year in that particular region. Therefore, the variability in the character and features of different seasonal honey is very slight.



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