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Natural Demerara Sugar – 1kg

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Unlike brown sugar, which has the added molasses flavor, Demerara has a natural caramel-like flavor; this lends warm, caramel notes to whatever you add the sugar to.

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Demerara sugar is a large-grained, somewhat crunchy, raw sugar with origins in Guyana (a colony formerly called Demerara). Demerara is a light brown, partially refined, sugar produced from the first crystallization during processing cane juice into sugar crystals (this process is similar to what happens with naturally evaporated cane juice)

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Weight 1.050 kg

Demerera Sugar

Do You Know

Unlike refined sugar, demerara sugar does not simply provide empty calories. Each teaspoonful of it actually contains vitamins and minerals, the ones that are naturally found in sugar cane — they are retained due to the very minimal processing of demerara sugar.


500 g

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How to Use

Great for Dressing, Marinade or Sauce


Demerara sugar still retains many of the nutrients that are present in the plants used to make the sugar because these sugars underwent minimal processing. This means that much of the vitamins and minerals present naturally in sugar cane remain intact.


Keep in a cool, dry place.


Great for baking biscuits.


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