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Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting our website. I trust that you will find this site informative and helpful, especially if you are  on the journey to great health.Honestly, nothing works better for your health than consuming organic products. Life is too short to eat bad food.

Selina_1_crop_CMYK (568x800)Let me share with you my journey to this organic adventure. It was way back in 1998, when I returned from Los Angeles that I discovered how difficult it was to find organic products in Malaysia. Being a person of action, I decided to change this scarcity. Most local farmers had not even heard about organic farming and so I spent time convincing them about the benefits of changing from conventional farming to organic farming. I remember scrambling up steep muddy dirt tracks to visit these farmers. The stench of artificial fertilizers and pesticides invaded my nose and that made me even more determined to pursue after my organic ideal.

Time flew by. After successfully launching Country Farm Organics from scratch and personally operating it for more than ten years, I sold it to Berjaya Corporation Berhad.  I had to take a break.  The last two years had been mainly time for my mind and body to recuperate. I really enjoyed reflecting on some past memories of how my team and I had made organic products more available and affordable to the public. Meanwhile, while I was enjoying my long holidays my heart was stirred to get involved again. However, I had to discipline myself to avoid jumping into another project for I really needed time to reinvigorate and reflect.those years of hard work.

As you know, the body may rest but the mind is never at rest. I woke up every day, thinking of what I should have done better in promoting this organic dream of mine. With my trusty antiquated pen, I put down all those wild exciting ideas in a journal. By 22nd February, 2013, I acquired Opika Organic, a young fledging organic company. Finally I could see the possibility of achieving a dream that befitted my personal conviction and expectation of what a true organic company should be like. I made the necessary changes to this company and worked out better strategies to make top-quality organic products available and most importantly, affordable. I am happy that all these are working out better than I expected.

Today, I invite you to Opika and share my dream. May this dream make smooth your journey to great health and allow your dream of long life and happiness to come true!


Organically yours,




Selina Gan was born in Malaysia and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Masters of Real Estate Development; both degrees from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA.

Selina is a prominent and a very experienced figure in the organic industry. She was one of the pioneers in the organic sector in Malaysia and the founder of Country Farm Organics; with operations in organic retail cum restaurant outlets, re-packing facility, wholesale distribution and export. She started the company from scratch thirteen years ago to become a market leader in Malaysia and Singapore. She disposed of her entire share equity to a public listed company in April 2011.

A frequently-featured entrepreneur in local and international health food magazines and a guest speaker in many international seminars and conferences on organic/natural food industry, Selina has extensive networking in global sourcing and manufacturing of organic products. She is actively involved in the development and practise of organic standard through her board directorship in organic Alliance Malaysia and a workshop committee member in Global Organic Market Access (GOMA) to set organic standards for Asia.

She is passionate about organics, and fervently believes organic and health food and environmentally friendly products is the business of the future and that demand for healthy organics has reached a tipping points for major industry take-off in this region. Her farsighted vision and analytical skill will certainly elevate the organic food sector in Malaysia and the Asia-Pacific region to a higher level.


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